Talkvalue, media and post production team provides solutions for producing, editing, delivering, media content in English, Portuguese and French. We always design a production solution appropriate to the nature of each sport and entertainment industry. Our team is experienced, passionate and with reputation for producing and delivering services with quality to its clients. We know that key factor for success in business is a high ethical business standard, so we comply with principles set out in various Acts relevant to the industry in South Africa.



We put web designers, programmers, web marketers and IT professionals at your service. We work on technical aspect of a web. Our Web Designers are in charge of the visual design and layout of the web, and our Web Developers take that design and vision to a static design to a fully working website that is online and available to the world.

Client-side scripting – which is code that executes in a web browser and determine what customers see when they land on your web.

Server-side scripting – which is code that executes on a web server and powers the behind the-scenes mechanics of how a web works.

Database technology – which helps keep a website running smoothly.


Web support is what we do! If you are unhappy with your current Web Designers, we don’t blame you. If you are operating off the same website built 5 years ago, we’re glad to update it, add new functionality and change it as you fit in English, Portuguese and French.



Marketing your web is a vital part of your business growth! We provide a quick guide with tips and ideas for using Facebook, and this covers:

1.Why you should invest in a Facebook page

2.Create a page

3.New tips for using timeline for Business

4.Grow the number of fans and followers

5.Find customers


Most small business owners are busy running their commercial activities; they don’t have time to take another full-time job, or even a part time job. The content on your site and your marketing campaigns can strategically draw targeted traffic to your website, making a significant support to the success and growth of your business.

Our web developers will:

1. Guarantee that domain registration and hosting are up-to-date

2.Develop and/or update content

3.Guarantee web functionality and perform software updates

4.Monitor, assess, and report on website performance

5.Manage online marketing projects ranging from SEO to social media marketing