Our members at Talkvalue are in the media and translation industry for over a decade and employ highly qualified and skilled professionals. Using Talkvalue you benefit of our competitive translation rates, fast turn-around times, superb quality and complete portfolio of professional translation, with letter-perfect accuracy, industry-specific experience and a comprehensive network of knowledgeable translators covering Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Translation completed by a native speaker

Revision by another native speaker specializing in your industry

We do the following services

Medical translation

You need medical translation services in the medical industry as crucial as the amount of drugs given to a patient. Clear communication, comprehensive directions and accurate medical translation are key to ensuring patients’ life is not put at risk.

Financial translation

Accurate financial translation is indispensable toward making certain that communication is not infringed upon in any way.
We have experience in translating:
• Commercial contracts
• Corporate financial documentation
• Annual reports

Technical Translation

Our experienced translators running text through a machine to guarantee terminology is translated correctly, keeping intact the original meaning. We use the best translation tools, alongside our highly skilled professionals.